Two suspects are still at large after robbing a downtown Baltimore 7-11 during the early morning hours of Jan. 16 and engaging in a shootout with the police.

According to the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), officers responded to a 7-11 convenience store in the 300 block of N. Charles St., around 1:10 a.m, after witnessing a robbery in progress on a CitiWatch camera.

Dramatic surveillance photo of a shootout between robbery suspects and Baltimore City Police officers at a downtown 7-11 store. (Courtesy Photo)

According to BDP, monitors of the CitiWatch cameras located the robbery almost immediately and officers responded within a minute.

When officers arrived on the scene, the suspects began firing at them and officers returned fire. Both suspects possessed firearms with extended clips.

No officers were injured.

“Absolute, sheer amazement that no officer was shot during this incident,” said Baltimore Police Chief Spokesman T. J. Smith during a Jan. 16 press conference.

According to the officers, both suspects took off on foot and ran in opposite directions. Police are unsure if either suspect was injured by gunfire and are checking local hospitals for walk in victims with gunshot wounds.

Multiple residents, who live above the 7-11 , said they were awakened by the gunshots and didn’t know what was happening at first

“It was literally right outside our window,” said resident John Leppler. “I saw the guns fired by the police officers and saw them sprinting up the street.”

“It was kind of disbelief, to be honest with you…definitely scary,” he said. “Baltimore City’s finest, right here, in a serious gun fight.”

He said he did not see any suspects.

Residents interviewed by police said this particular 7-11 was robbed multiple times in 2017.

Police blocked off a large section of N. Charles, which was closed until 9:00 a.m. Jan. 16 and placed numerous evidence markers near multiple shell casings at the crime scene.

“This situation is “absolutely disturbing….These two bad guys didn’t have a care in the world,” said Smith.

The street is now open at Saratoga and N. Charles but the 7-11 remains closed.

“The store managers are very kind and don’t deserve to be targeted his way,” said Naomi Alfred, the building manager. “I’m thankful that one one was hurt.”

“This is unfortunately the norm here in Baltimore City, which is just horrible.”

During the surveillance video shown at the press conference Jan. 16,only minimal descriptions of the suspects were provided.

The first suspect is described as a tall male wearing a mask and dark coat. The second suspect was described as a shorter man wearing all black with a white scarf tied around his face.

There has been a reward offered for those that have information leading to the arrest of both suspects. The ATF, along with the FBI of Baltimore, and Metro Crime Stoppers are offering $24,000.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and anyone with any information should call police at 410-366-6341.