Success…A Journey? Dream Big and Fly! premiers on Aug. 8th.

Teens Count proudly presents Success. . . A Journey? Dream Big and Fly! a theatrical production written by our summer youth program participants. The production is a story about young girls struggling to find their identity, and learning how to code switch their way to a successful life through friendship, love, and art. The play premiers on Aug. 8th at 2pm at Saint Fancis De Sales (Educational Building), located at 2021 Rhode Island Ave., N.E., Washington, DC.

Teens Count takes an innovative approach to career exploration using Theater, Marketing and Audio-Visual Technology as youth development activities.  Approximately 50 Washington, DC students (ages 16–21) work during the 6-week summer program to learn all production aspects. Participants cast, produce and market all components of their production and engage in relevant learning opportunities.