A Los Angeles judge has ordered Terrence Howard to fork over $50,000 to his soon-to-be ex-wife to fund her expenses until their next scheduled court appearance in April.

According to TMZ, Howard appeared in L.A. County Superior Court Feb. 21 in connection with his divorce from Michelle Ghent Howard. During the proceedings, a judge ordered the “Red Tails” star to pay Ghent $50,000 until they are able to finalize a long-term agreement.

Included in the figure is a $1,800 per month payment for Ghent’s Range Rover, $20,000 for her attorney fees, $20,000 for her accountant fees and $10,000 in spousal support for expenses such as rent and food.

Ghent’s attorney, Karen Donahoe, said in court that Howard earns $76,000 per month after making $2.6 million as an actor, according to E! News.

But Howard’s attorney, Christian Markey countered Donahoe’s claims.

“He hasn’t had a paycheck, and no job offers,” Markey said in court, according to E! Network “And he only has $20,000 in cash. She’s got more money and he’s got less money.”

Howard has 30 days to shell out the payment. Both parties are scheduled to appear in court again April 23.

The pair tied the knot in 2010, but Ghent filed for divorce the following year. She claimed the actor constantly abused her, and filed a temporary restraining order against him. Howard fired back, saying Ghent called him the n-word, tried to extort him and threatened to have him killed.