In this combination of photos, on June 3, 2020, demonstrators, left, protest the death of George Floyd at the U.S. Capitol and Trump supporters try to break through a police barrier Jan. 6, 2021, at the same location. (AP Photos)

By AFRO Staff

The events of Jan.6, when Trump supporters sieged the Capitol, will be remembered as a complete disgrace and disrespect of our democracy. 

Once again, Black Americans were slapped in the face with another act of White privilege. One lingering thought, more of a statement, on the minds of people of color is, if the rioters had been Black, there would be blood in the streets. “If they were Black, would be out in full force,” Paula Thorpe of West Baltimore explained to the AFRO. “Security let those White people break in and act like tourists in the Capitol,” she said in an outrage. Black America was astounded but not surprised.

At last year’s Black Lives Matter protest in Washington D.C., peaceful protestors were met with resistance from armed and ready law enforcement. Protestors were tear gassed, arrested, beaten, many shot and some killed. In fact, there is a chilling photo floating around of rows of police officers standing on the steps of the Capitol. 

Yet, extremist Trump supporters were able to congregate by the thousands outside the Capitol, and literally break into the building, causing elected officials to barricade themselves inside the House floor. There was virtually no police or military presence anywhere on the scene until hours into the horrific terrorist attack.