Marilyn Mosby (Courtesy Photo)

By AFRO Staff

Marilyn Mosby is now endorsed by AFRO News for re-election to State’s Attorney. 

Gun violence is a firm platform point for her and reasonably so. Mosby, an inner-city Boston native, witnessed first-hand the impact of trauma associated with crime when her honor-roll cousin was gunned down in broad daylight outside of Mosby’s home due to mistaken identity. 

That horrific experience propelled Mosby to turn her pain into passion by becoming a first-generation college graduate, and pursuing her dreams of becoming an attorney and reforming the criminal justice system. 

She went to Tuskegee University where she earned magna cum laude recognition and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. After leaving Tuskegee, Mosby earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Boston College Law School. While in law school, Marilyn proved to be an avid public servant, clerking at several highly-esteemed governmental agencies including the U.S. Attorney’s Office in both Boston, MA and Washington D.C., and the Homicide Unit of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston.

After law school, Mosby joined the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City (SAO), where she quickly advanced from District Court to General Felony. Mosby successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases and some of the most heinous felonies in the State of Maryland with an overall conviction rate of 80 percent. Driven by her love for courtroom litigation and the desire to diversify her legal experience, Mosby left the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office in 2011.

On January 8, 2015, Marilyn J. Mosby was sworn in as the 25th State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, making her the youngest chief prosecutor of any major American city. She made her mark in Baltimore while driving the investigations into the police officers that aggressively handled Freddie Gray causing his death. 

As Baltimore State’s Attorney, Mariln Mosby created the first Conviction Integrity Division in MD. The unit successfully exonerated innocent people who were incarcerated for a combined 270 years for crimes they didn’t commit.

During Mosby’s first year in office, the SAO reached an 80 percent homicide conviction rate despite a 20 percent increase in the homicide caseload. The following year, Mosby created the Gun Violence Enforcement Division and the felony conviction rate reached 93 percent. During that same time period, Mosby’s administration secured a number of high profile convictions for various violent offenders designated Public Enemy #1 by the Baltimore Police Department, including BGF Executioners, Capone Chase who shot a man in his head in broad daylight in the presence of his pregnant girlfriend and Darryl Anderson who heinously opened fire and killed two women and critically injured another.

She runs again with the motto “committed to applying justice fairly and equally”.

Mosby has lots of support from the community.

“Marilyn I praying you win, I believe in your ideology. However I’m Baltimore born but a Georgian voter it’s ironic because I pay taxes in both states. Moreover if you need me to get out and persuade folks to vote in your favor; I’m in Bmore for next 30 days on real estate business,” said Jonay Nobles.

 “Y’all Better Let her [Marilyn Mosby] Win ijs [I’m just saying][]She’s The Only One That Openly Cares About Baltimore[]” said Andre Holness.

“Two of the most intelligent people in Baltimore City! Yes they are allowed to show our people! They make bad choices as Well! Love you Guy’s to life! Marilyn Mosby earned my respect during the Freddie Gray Riot!” said Stephen Copeland.

There are also some naysayers:

“Are you serious [] we’re not [going to] give you anymore of our money Mosby. You should be paying us taxpayers back money that we paid you to prosecute criminals which you haven’t done,” said Anna via Twitter.

“I used to love her but it’s all over now!!’ said Rodney Tate.

To that Mosby says, ‘I’ve been through opposition to change many times before and I will come through it again.”

Marilyn J. Mosby is married to Baltimore Council President Nick J. Mosby, who took office in 2021. They reside in West Baltimore and are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters. As a family, they worship at New Psalmist Baptist Church.