Title: The Hole
Author: Willie Gibbs & Dameon Gibbs
Release Date: June 10, 2014

Willie Gibbs is a native of Baltimore. He is a devoted father to his son Will Gibbs. He believes that his experiences as a young adult help to prepare and mold him into the adult that he needed to be for his son. After many trials and tribulations he received his GED at the age of 36 and went on to establish his own music business.

Dameon Gibbs holds a bachelor’s in anthropology and world history and a master’s in classical studies. For the past five years he has worked with inner-city youth in Baltimore. He has been an avid writer since his days in high school during the late 1990’s. He enjoys the creative process of all writing genres, whether religious, poetic, science fiction, historical, biographies or action adventure.

What was the impetus for writing this book?

     The driving force behind writing the book was to explain to my son that life is not all about fast money and cars; to show him that people should work hard to possess a good and happy life. And taking the easy route is not always the best route to take.

What’s the overall theme?

     To explain that hard times in life can be overcome through perseverance and that people do not have to settle for the life they have at the current moment.

What surprised you about the development of the book?

     What surprised me most was actually finishing. I was really shocked that I did not know I possessed the ability to write such a dense book. I had never written a book before but with my brother Dameon’s help I was able to do what I always thought about doing.

For what audience is your book written?

     Young Adults, Urban Readers, Adults, Inspirational Readers and Parents.

What one thing do you want the reader to remember forever?

     That there is always somebody in the world that may be going through a more difficult time than they are. And to know that although the hole maybe deep, it still can be climbed out of.

What did you learn during the writing process?

     I learned that I possessed the ability to achieve my dreams, by first having faith and then by believing in myself.

Any advice for aspiring writers?

     Never give up on their dreams. If they desire to be a writer then they must pursue it with a burning desire and not to allow circumstances to quench them

List other books you’ve written.

     Books by Dameon Gibbs: The World Around Them, The Seven Days of God, The Wall of Jerusalem and The Anointed One.