Faye McCray

Title: Boyfriend

Author: Faye McCray

Release: E-Book Available Now!

Date: Paperback Available April 17

Faye McCray is a native New Yorker and current resident of the Washington, DC metropolitan area where she resides with her husband and two young sons. She is an attorney and the author of Dani’s Belts, a collection of horror short stories, and Boyfriend, the story of a college student struggling with love, fidelity, and a complicated past. Faye’s work will also be featured in the upcoming anthology, Anything But Zombies, through Simon and Schuster’s Atria Imprint. You can also find Faye’s essays on For Harriet, Madame Noire, Black Girl Nerds, Black and Married with Kids, Graveyard Shift Sisters, Rachel in the OC, and on her blog at www.fayemccray.com. You can connect with Faye on Twitter @fayewrites and Facebook at facebook. com/fayewrites.

What was the impetus for writing this book? I started “Boyfriend” during a blissfully stable period in my life. I’d just had a baby, and I was entering my third year of marriage. One of the luxuries of stability is the opportunity to reflect. I started to reflect on past broken hearts and fleeting experiences with broken people. The protagonist of “Boyfriend,” Nate Best, was born in an attempt to understand what motivates people to do bad things. More specifically, what experiences cause one person to be painfully careless with another person’s heart.

What’s the overall theme? Acceptance. I think we all want to be accepted and understood. Nate struggles with acceptance throughout the entire book. It motivates him to lie, to cheat, and eventually to seek forgiveness.

What surprised you about the development of the book? How challenging it was writing from the perspective of a man! As a woman, we have so much more emotional freedom. If we need a good cry or just want to express our love for a friend, we can. No one questions our femininity or sexuality. With men, there are more rules. Nate feels things very deeply. However, he wasn’t always comfortable showing it. For him, those deep feelings manifested themselves in anger and acting out. It also manifested in his relationship with sex, drugs and alcohol throughout the book.

Which character excites you most? Yikes! That’s like choosing between my babies! I would say, the character I am most proud of is Nate’s sister, Natalie. When we first meet her, she is pretty broken. She is 17, in an abusive household and can’t see a way out. I think she has a beautiful arc in the book. She grows the most. I am very proud of where she is at the end of the book.

For what audience is your book written? Everyone. It is written about that time in your early twenties where you have one foot in childhood and another struggling to land in adulthood. I think we can all relate to that. The books takes place at an elite private college in Washington, D.C. and then in Southeast Queens in New York City. Two vastly different worlds. There is a broad range of multicultural characters so I think there is something in it for everyone. I will add that it’s not for children. Nate has pretty creative sexual experiences that I think are best saved for adult eyes.

What did you learn during the writing process? To remain disciplined. When I was in college, I took a much more liberal approach to the writing process. I’d wait around for my muse and only write when inspired. I was a bit insufferable. Now, when I have a project I’d like to write, I outline and I schedule my writing time. I realized when I call my muse, she shows up. Usually holding a glass of wine and ready to go.

What’s next on the horizon for you? I am working on my second novel now. It explores the early life of one of the more complex characters in “Boyfriend.” I am also working on a graphic novel based on my short story series, “Dani’s Belts” that is available now on Amazon!