By Joshua Turner
Special to AFRO

Systems are the practical means of how we manifest, reach and extol what we value and diminish what we disvalue. A system will always directly or indirectly reach its intended impact the manifestation of what said system values. Extolment and the state of being valued is manifested by systems via investment while the converse becomes a reality for what is disvalued. This converse reality is often viewed as a dysfunction, however, I contend that dysfunctions are the further manifestation of what is valued. The said negative impacts of a system, are a part of the intended impact that further extols what is valued while subjecting what is not valued to perpetual abuse and trauma. 

Disinvestment is an external directed action toward the disvalued that operates to create despondentic plight and the eventual destruction and elimination of what is disvalued through external and internal means, leaving only what is valued to remain and be extolled. 

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Gun Violence: The Tool of Our Collective Sucide

Suicide within the U.S. is a taboo topic that is rarely touched on in conversation, but its prevalence in our society warrants further examination and deconstruction of this phenomenon. Suicide, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, is best be defined as “the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally” in essence: self murder. Sucide is often observed from an individual basis, however, I contend that the collective Black body is actively committing sucide. 

The Suicidal State comes when your reality is a cycle of perpetual abuse and trauma and is fixed in such a way that eliminates any chance of escaping, making self destruction the only way out, and, in a twisted sense, a way to survive and get past this reality true despondency. In other words suicide is the internal destruction brought on by external pressures, meaning the external pressure’s intended impact are to cause internal destruction. Parts one through four of this article series and parts six and seven in the coming weeks deconstruct the functions of our systems, and show how it formulates this state. 

As mentioned above what a system values is subject to extolment while the disvalued is subjected to the converse reality of perpetual abuse and trauma, which is one of the prime causes of “the suicidal state.” Those that are not valued in policy, legislation, or in our systems are subject to disinvestment via scarcity.

Scarcity is an indicator of abuse. Within the U.S., scarcity has been directly maximized within the Black community. Scarcity can best be described as the absence of resources, the prime question that economics is meant to solve. Scarcity comes by way of disinvestment, pushing individuals to a state of survival ensuing discord and fights over minimal resources. Scarcity comes as a direct result of a systems function that is designed to eliminate the disvalued, which is a direct result of exclusion and malnourishment from our systems. If you read parts one through four, you will see how disinvestment creates a perpetual cycle of poverty and trauma that forces Black people to fight in order to survive while eliminating choice. 

There is a saying that perfectly maps out this situation and it says you never know what you will do until you are in the seat of desperation. This brings about a pivotal question: what is the level of autonomy in this choice? When observing these two options, the impacts of the courses of action are unequal. The options are vastly different and man is inherently dispositioned and jaded towards one of the options. Man has a natural inclination pivoted toward survival, this predisposed disposition cripples any true autonomous choice, meaning that the current outputs of our system are bringing about the collective suicide of the Black body.

The dire external pressures exerted by our systems have pushed people to where they will destroy each other in order to survive. They will poison each other for profit, and kill each other for more profit. Our 12-year-olds become primary caregivers and earners for their families while living in disheveled communities, being subject to hazardous levels of pollution, miseducation and etc. a prime representation of how we are not valued. Gun violence amongst ourselves at such a high rate is an indicator of scarcity, an act of survival, self destruction and suicide of the Black body that further perpetuates our condition, that brings forth more trauma. The collective Black body has chosen self termination as our only way out, the method of choice being gun violence. By no means am I saying that people should be excused from such acts of violence, however, I am saying that we must address the roots of this issue.

“See my brother blood on the pavement, how you wake up in the morning feeling evil” – Trauma, Meek Mill

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