The Boy Blesst is proud to announce the launch of his company’s first Annual Youth fundraising campaign entitled Thanx-N-Advance. Blesst has been a fixture in Baltimore hip hop for years, and was awarded Best MC by the Baltimore City Paper a few years back (2011), for his thought provoking lyricism and street sensibility. Blesst has taken his talent along with some of the other artists in the city and partnered with two nonprofit organizations Shelley’s Helping Hands and The Save A Dope Boy Foundation (YAP Inc.) who specialize in the early development of our children and young adults to create a way to give back to our youth.

#Thanx-N-Advance the compilation CD hosted by 88.9’s, Strictly Hip Hop DJ, Trelly Trell features music by OOH aka YoSlick, Rome Cee, Greenspan, Billy Lyve, The Boy Blesst, Drag, S.O.N., Hello Rello and more. A minimum $2 donation gets a project download and helps change a child’s life.

This campaign runs for 45 days, through Dec. 15, and all proceeds from the project will go directly to the nonprofit organizations to help with their holiday needs. To make a donation please visit