The Coalition of 100 Black Women is a national advocacy organization and the display and spirit of advocacy reached an uncontested milestone in the post- Inaugural Women’s March on Washington. The peaceful gathering of thousands and thousands of women, men, and children from throughout this entire nation who came by planes, trains, buses, cars, whatever means possible, underscored the dignity, value, and respect women must be accorded.


Many brought their little daughters so their sights might be lifted and that they might be inspired to believe in themselves and so they, too, could one day shatter the ever present glass ceilings.

The array of speakers and entertainers sent forth poignant messages of hope and power, never denigrating anyone. The multiplicity of signs set the tone and highlighted the march’s purpose. The people marched for human rights, equality, respect, support for the marginalized, peace, unity, fair and positive policies and laws, and for respectable recognition of women’s place in this democratic society.

It was equally rewarding to know that there were rallies for women in many states and on every continent. It was as though a great family had gathered, regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, wealth or status, all greeted each other with smiles and inviting tones. Even if the tremendous crowd caused one to accidentally step on a toe or inadvertently bump into the one standing nearby, the response was filled with care.

The binding thread of the day affirmed the call for action and unity. One woman’s small idea for a march was picked up by a host of others and it lets us know the voice of one can make a difference.

All must take the first step and let our representatives know our concerns. The voice of the people is a democratic right and expectation. The momentum generated from this unprecedented march must not fizzle.

Women, the power is in our collective power; the power is in unity of purpose; the power is in willingness to do just one thing to make our city, our environments a better place for everyone.

Mentor a young girl, thank a legislator who has acted in a manner that has affected the good for many, put aside the negativity and join hands for a goal, and just show love. Collectively, counteract bullying and bigotry and we will make a difference. The momentum of the Women’s March on Washington will not die because we will carry on its tenets in our daily lives. Black women must always continue to march in the steps of Sojourner and Harriet.

The mission of the Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter National Coalition of 100 Black Women is to advocate on behalf of Black women and girls to promote leadership development and gender equity in the areas of health, education and economic empowerment.