By Dr. Dennis W. Smith  

Our meticulously designed capabilities as a people are not mere engraved metaphors, but real attributes bestowed upon us by ‘All-Mighty.’ Inequality seems to be the etched-in-stone model that exemplifies the disparities of historical and contemporary social statuses, opportunistic alignment in education and employment stature, and constraints on us availing the true voice of concern.  After growing up in north Philadelphia, in a region denoted as “the bad lands,” there’s no contesting that this landscape of diluted social discourse proliferates across many boundaries and time-lines that depict similar settings in concentrated populations of black communities. These truths stand as the epitome of realism, but so too does embracing challenges, failures and obstacles, which is where we find the true depth of our character. Many wait on that big miracle, but through grace and the miraculous privilege of being alive, each of our hearts beat approximately 86,000 times a day accompanied by 20,160 breaths without any measure of our own. This signifies that the miracle of life ‘exists’ for us just as it does for a half-a-dozen billion other people that grace this earth.

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr. (Courtesy Photo)

Now is the time to consider cleaning off and sanitizing our “moral-compasses” with good intentions from the heart and actions inspired by integrity. The evidence in our surroundings are not the blueprints of the soul nor is it the remedies for survival. The charge is making good choices in life with whatever tools we have to create destiny and opportunities by not waiting or expecting others to choose for us. Be grateful for every single moment that you are alive and through divine intervention, you were touched this morning to wake up. Consider the alternative? What if you weren’t touched, and like so many around the world who fell asleep last night and never saw this privileged amazing day; these words would not be staring at you. The source of change and triumph resides within the walls of thought and driven by the passion to bring to fruition the yearnings of our desires.  Reflectively, in our communities, let it be known that the energy of one single thought has enough power to transform our mind, body and spirit to the highest level of extraordinary living. Alternatively, a single thought can also set life’s momentum-radar toward the depths of social, mental and physical disparities and challenges. Now, is the time to fight for what we believe in; fight for our lives; fight through the most difficult times to maintain health and stability and ultimately fighting to win in this game called life!

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr. is a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University….And a native of Seneca Falls, NY.

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