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By Wayne Dawkins
Special to the AFRO

Surprise, yet no surprise. Donald Trump may be the biggest U.S. tax cheat ever.*

Immediately after news of the second New York Times bombshell investigation about Trump’s taxes, some immigrants and working-poor to middle-class Blacks interviewed on air were hot. Also anecdotally, about half of Whites, working- to middle-class asked on camera, shrugged. 

The revelation is “concerning” said a woman. The New York Times may be lying, said another. Folks, sounds like you actually have buyer’s remorse.

We warned you. In 2016, New Yorkers rejected their native son Donald J. Trump nearly 2-1 at the presidential polls. The Donald was an entertaining playboy/rich boy, but he had no business being Commander-in-Chief. 

Suckers in the mostly red states chose him anyway.

Back in the 90s, my mentor Wayne Barrett wrote a book that reported Trump was not a billionaire, but a garden-variety millionaire in financial distress. For that act of clarity, Trump had Barrett arrested and the real estate baron threatened to sue. Trump in the mid-2000s did sue a New York Times financial writer who came to similar conclusions like Barrett. 

Bad decision. Trump had to take the witness stand in that civil action. 

At least 40 times, Trump made incorrect or false statements under oath, including this chutzpah moment: “I’m worth whatever I say I’m worth,” when pressed to give a verifiable number.

Speaking of chutzpah and nerve, as president, Trump with a then Republican Senate and House, rammed through a federal tax overhaul that punished residents in the blue East and West Coast states. Many of these residents were middle- to upper-class home owners. They were prevented from deducting the full value of property tax, so they lost money. Yet, many of these coastal citizens pay their share of federal taxes in excess compared to residents in less affluent red states. 

That’s right. East and West coasters subsidize their fellow Americans in the interior. It’s not class envy. It’s brother’s and sister’s keeper. 

But the occupant of the White House doesn’t understand that.

Yet, here we are. The orange menace is still in our face.

For those of you who don’t care that Trump avoided paying taxes, like $750 paid in 2017 while president, you should be scared that he may owe $400 million-plus to foreign interests, according to the Times. That could make Trump susceptible to blackmail and coercion, and make him a national security risk.

Now for those of you who are mad about the news of Trump’s tax cheating, don’t make yourself physically or mentally ill with rage. 

Calm down, count to 10, then VOTE.

* In 2019, the New York Times published an expose that reported paid little- to- no taxes based on state income tax returns. Coincidentally or accidentally, the IRS unmasked the great American tax avoider as Trump.

The writer is a professor of professional practice at Morgan State University School of Global Journalism and Communication.