Two Jacksonville, Fla. men have been charged with sexually assaulting children at their Jacksonville church, following an anonymous whistleblower’s tip.

According to The Florida Times-Union newspaper, Paul Keith Groover, 56, and Darrell Vincent Moore, 45, both pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges on Jan. 11. The two men reportedly had sex with teens at the Greater Refugee Temple.

Authorities say Moore assaulted numerous girls and raped one at knife-point in the church’s video room. He then threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone about the act. According to Fox Jacksonville affiliate WJXT, Moore was also accused of “inappropriately hugging” victims several times, even during a prayer.

Groover, son of Greater Refuge Temple Bishop Gentle Groover Sr, is accused of molesting a teenage boy while working as a custodian for the church. Police say he admitted to at least 20 sexual encounters with the teen inside the church and often sent the minor nude photos of himself. During one incident, Groover was almost caught during a Bible study, but the door was locked and the two stayed quiet.

Authorities say Groover told the teen during a recorded telephone conversation that he needed to, “Get over it. Forgive. Move on.” He also said, “Your foolishness is going to destroy the ministry. The devil wants to destroy us all.”

Groover was charged with three counts of sexual battery. Moore faces up to four counts of sexual battery and three counts of lewd or lascivious conduct. Florida officials say the men had no prior criminal history.

No bail has been set for Moore. Groover’s bail was set at $6 million.

The two are reportedly seeking a lower bail amount, but Florida State Attorney Jessica Villella told the Florida Times-Union said she wants the judge to do everything possible to keep the men in jail to protect their victim’s safety.