Tyrese Gibson and Joseph Simmons, better known as Rev. Run, stopped by Morgan State University in early February as part of a tour for their new book “Manology.”

“There is a positive message in the written book that the staff wanted the students to know,” said Vinetta McCullough, Morgan’s director of auxiliary services.

Morgan students and staff gathered in the University Student Center to hear the two celebrities discuss their book on male living, and how it came to be. The audience was attentive and seemed to be interested in the thoughts and ideas that the book would include.

“The audience responded to the information well, but the women in the crowd could not get enough,” said Morgan student Cesar Francis. “I guess they felt as if finally men can understand us.”

The book began as a series of conversations between Gibson and Simmons about relationships, sex, and other things that men and women go through, throughout life.

Gibson considers Simmons to be his “Man-tor” and they have established quite a bond.

“People think we’re not on the same page, but we share a lot more in common than one would expect,” Simmons told Washington D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG.

Eventually, Gibson jokingly suggested that the two should write a book titled “I Beg to Differ.” Once they realized that it would be a good idea, they followed through and “Manology” was born. The book is currently on shelves.


Odessa Mohabeer

Special to the AFRO