Naeschylus Vinzant

The Aurora, Colo., police department has confirmed the man who was shot and killed March 6 by an officer was unarmed, according to CBS4 Denver.

The victim, Naeschylus Vinzant, 37, escaped his parole on March 2 by removing his ankle bracelet, according to police.  Vinzant was also wanted in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident, which included charges of kidnapping, robbery, and assault, according to police investigators, cited by NewsOne.

At a press conference, police officials said a SWAT team was called in to attempt to take Vinzant into custody.  However, when they arrived, one of the officers shot Vinzant in the chest with one shot. Vinzant was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

The police did not learn Vinzant was unarmed until after he was shot in the chest.

A group of activists held a couple of demonstrations this week.

According to CBS4, Aurora’s first African-American chief Nicholas Metz said he is planning meetings with community groups and is hoping to “keep things calm” and hear concerns.

If the name of this town sounds familiar that’s because it is the same in which James E. Holmes set off several smoke canisters and then opened fire in a movie theater, killing 12 and wounding 70 in 2012.  After the tragedy, Holmes was initially jailed at Arapahoe Detention Center under suicide watch.  Three years later, he is still alive and well.