The first day of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is officially in the books, with 16 games played on March 20. And, just like last year’s tournament, this year brought its fair share of Day One bracket-busting upsets.

Four of the 16 games played featured lower seeds upsetting higher seed teams: the same number of upsets that occurred on the first day of last year’s tournament.

Perhaps the most shocking upset of the day was No. 6 seed Ohio State falling to No. 11 seed Dayton, 60-59, in the opening game of the South region. Dayton stole the win from Ohio State on a game-winning layup with 3.8 seconds left, and will advance to the round of 32.

The other three upsets were No. 12 Harvard downing No. 5 Cincinnati, 61-57, in the East region; No. 12 North Dakota dropping No. 5 Oklahoma, 80-75, in the West region; and No. 9 Pittsburgh defeating No. 8 Colorado, 77-48, in the South region. Other scores include:

Midwest Region????

No. 2 Michigan defeated No. 15 Wofford, 57-40?

No. 4 Louisville defeated No. 11 Manhattan, 71-64

No. 5 Saint Louis defeated No. 12 North Carolina State, 83-80?

No. 7 Texas defeated No. 10 Arizona State, 87-85

West Region??

No. 2 Wisconsin defeated American, 75-35?

No. 4 San Diego State defeated No. 13 New Mexico State, 73-69??

No. 7 Oregon defeated No. 10 BYU, 87-68

East Region

No. 2 Villanova defeated No. 15 Milwaukee, 73-53

No. 4 Michigan State defeated No. 13 Delaware, 93-78?

No. 7 UCONN defeated No. 10 Saint Joseph’s, 89-81

South Region

No. 1 Florida defeated No. 16 Albany, 67-55

No. 3 Syracuse defeated No. 14 Western Michigan, 77-53


Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor