Lt to rt:, Kaija Hart, Quida Chancy, Dr. Rashida Barner, Nicola Norman, Atiya Wells. (Photo and brief by J.J. McQueen)

Lake Montebello, located in east Baltimore has been the host site to great ideas since the early 1900’s. Fast forward to 2021 and that element remains the same. In keeping with that tradition visionary leadership, Atiya Wells decided to add to the foundation of community and healthy living. In 2005 the program Walk with a Doc was started by Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist based out of Columbus, Ohio. Its core mission was to help motivate his patients to become more active.

WWAD Charles McGee Fitnees Instructor. (Photo and brief by J.J. McQueen)
Atiya Wells Walk With a Doc. (Photo and brief by J.J. McQueen)

Atiya, who is a nurse, saw the same needs within the African-American community of Baltimore. With the influence of Dr. Sabgir, she partnered with three other women,  Kadija Hart, Nicola Nicole Norman and Quida Chancey, to provide healthy living resources.

Kadija Hart Walk With a Doc Coordinator. (Photo and brief by J.J. McQueen)
WWAD Husband & Wife Yoga Stretch. (Photo and brief by J.J. McQueen)

These four ladies are part of the Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program. They were tapped as the Bunting Fellows for 2021. Hart, who is a master program coordinator, oversees the moving parts of connecting people to resources; Norman’s passion and career path is focused on healthy eating and healing from the inside out; and Chancey’s mission is providing resources and housing for the homeless population. As the president of “Smalltimore” tiny homes, she’s making waves to help one family at a time.

WWAD Group Walk. (Photo and brief by J.J. McQueen)
WWAD Group Walk (Photo and brief by J.J. McQueen)

“My background as a nurse helped me realize that our people are dying from diet-related illnesses, and I wanted to provide resources in any way that I could,” Wells told the AFRO.

For more information about the free Walk with a Doc program, email or call 443.826.9280. 

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