By AFRO Staff

It is the challenge of a lifetime: Running with the bulls at the annual San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Washington NFL team member Josh Norman amped up the danger level on July 11, however, leaping over charging bulls in a death-defying feat.

Naturally, it was captured on social media.

And a video of the stunt can be seen here:

While Norman was able to cross the feat off his bucket list without, supposedly, any serious repercussions, not all of the event’s participants are as lucky. According to, 29 persons were hospitalized after racing theough Pamplona’s streets with six bulls and scores of other risk takers. That included Jaime Alvarez, 46, a San Francisco public defender who was gored in the neck while attempting to take a video selfie during the harrowing morning race on July 9.