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The teen girls whose racist rant about African Americans went viral on YouTube are “no longer students” at Gainsville High School (GHS) in Florida, an official told the media.

Principal David Shelnutt told local ABC affiliate WCJB that he first became aware of the video Feb. 15 during lunch time. Though he would not comment on any disciplinary actions taken, he said the girls were no longer attending the school.

“There’s no place for comments like that—that video here at GHS, there’s no place for that in the Alachua County Public School System, and my opinion, no place for that in society in general,” Shelnutt said.

The controversial video is a 14-minute clip in which the teenagers spewed the N-word and other prejudiced opinions in response to “hate mail” from a previous racist posting. In it the pair made statements like, “Why can’t they (Black people) f—ing talk right…. You can understand what we are saying. Our accents…we use actual words. Black people do not.”

And they asserted, Black students “don’t make anything of themselves.”

“They just drop out of high school , ‘oh I’m gonna have kids. I’m gonna get a welfare check. I’m gonna get my GED. I’m gonna work at McDonald’s….”

The video tirade has spurred outrage, prompting YouTube and other online responses.

“What were you thinking?” MissVickyVibe, a young White female, asked in a YouTube video posted Feb. 17. “You’re sitting there talking about stupid Black people, why don’t you think about some of the stupid things you said.”

Conversely, the girls have had some support, sometimes from surprising sources.

“They are not being racist…. They’re calling out a problem we seriously have,” said YouTube user Kimboy321, a Black man. “There’s a lot of ghetto-ass Black people just parading around without the right priorities right now…. These girls perfectly made sense. The only reason everybody’s getting upset is the fact that they’re White….We (Black people) needed to get called out.”

One of the girls later posted an apology, decrying her role in the rant.

“When I made that video…I wasn’t thinking about any of this… I wasn’t thinking that this many people would have ever seen it, no one would have ever gotten hurt by it. And I am so sorry to everyone who did.”