Whoopi Goldberg recently fired against Republican presidential candidates and their conservative cohorts after they released controversial statements on single Black parents.

According to USA Today, Goldberg, the co-host of ABC’s “The View,” decried the candidates’ pledge with the conservative Family Leader organization that favors traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

The initial version of the pledge asserted that Black children who were born into slavery had better family situations than Black children today. The points about slavery were later dropped.

Goldberg, who was raised in a single parent household, criticized the racial overtones of the pledge, and said on the show, “I’m sick of this crap.

“Could you people get your act together?” Goldberg said. “You don’t know anything about how slaves raised their kids or why people were together. Just don’t add stuff like that if you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Prior to the removal of the slavery comments, GOP presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum were among the first to sign the pledge. But Bachman’s spokeswoman explained that the presidential candidate only signed under the “candidate vow” portion of the pledge, which doesn’t mention slavery, according to ABC News.

“In no uncertain terms, Congresswoman Bachman believes that slavery was horrible and economic enslavement is also horrible,” Bachman’s campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart told Politico.

The candidate vow section requests signers to reject same-sex marriage, uphold the Defense of Marriage Act and bar the anti-women Islamic Sharia law.