BALTIMORE (AP) — More than 5,500 women who said they were secretly recorded during pelvic exams by a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins will each receive at least $20,000 as part of a $190 million settlement with the hospital system.

Dr. Nikita Levy was a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins. (Facebook Photo)

Determination letters have been sent to the about 9,600 women who said they were victimized by Dr. Nikita Levy at a Johns Hopkins-affiliated clinic in Baltimore, WBAL-TV reported ( The settlement, which was approved in 2014, is one of the largest on U.S. record involving sexual misconduct by a physician.

The plaintiffs have been divided into four categories based on the severity of injuries. Citing documents it has obtained, the television station reports that about 8,300 of the plaintiffs will receive money ranging from about $1,800 to about $26,000.

Levy was fired after 25 years with the Johns Hopkins Health System in February 2013 after a female co-worker spotted the pen-like camera he wore around his neck and alerted authorities.

Levy killed himself days later, as a federal investigation led to roughly 1,200 videos and 140 images stored on computers in his home.

About 800 members are in the most severe category and will receive $26,048. Another 4,739 women will each receive $20,001. About 2,100 members will receive $11,629, while 678 will get $1,750.

“We understand that everyone would like their money as soon as possible, and we are trying to accommodate that,” said retired Judge Irma Raker in a video posted on a website created to keep class members informed about the settlement.

Settlement administrators did not return the television station’s calls Thursday to confirm the amounts awarded.

A judge last year awarded attorneys from eight law firms $32 million in legal fees from the settlement.

Administrators have said all of the victims will be paid at the same time.


Information from: WBAL-TV,