(By telegraph) Tulsa, Okla., June 1 – Every Negro church, business place and home has been destroyed during the riot. A number of prominent citizens have been killed including Dr. Jackson. The city is under martial law. The deaths will exceed 100. Signed J. O. Midnight.

Equal Rights League Protests “Wholesale Colored Arrests” in Tulsa

Boston, June 1 – Officers of the National Equal Rights League, a Negro organization, in a telegram sent today to Governor Robertson, Oklahoma, protested against wholesale arrests of “colored and not whites, giving the whites an unfair fighting advantage,” in connection with the race riots at Tulsa. The telegram asked the Governor to direct the Adjutant General “to give the colored a fair chance to protect lives, families and remaining property.”

Special to the Afro-American

Tulsa, Okla., June 2 – At least [85] persons have been killed, 200 injured and the colored section of this city is in ruins following a two day race riot here. Damage to property is estimated at $5,000,000. Dead lie in streets awaiting burial. Tulsa casualties include 25 whites killed and 100 injured: 60 colored killed, 100 injured.

Trouble started when Richard Rawlings was arrested on the charge of “impudence and impertinence” to a white girl in an elevator. Police said he “assaulted” her and there were threats of lynching.

A dozen colored men, hearing of the rumor, armed themselves, marched to the courthouse and asked to be sworn in as deputies to protect the prisoner. They were later reinforced by others and a crowd of whites collected on the opposite side of the street. A white man started the riot by trying to take a away from a Negro. He was instantly killed.

The battle began. Colored men were outnumbered three-to-one and …into the colored section which attacking whites immediately set on fire. The state militia was called out and the city was put under martial law. Police disarmed Negroes by the hundreds leaving whites their arms. Militia also aided the whites. Firemen took a stand on the edge of the black belt in order to keep the flames there and prevent any white homes from catching fire.

Flames were not obedient however and hundreds of white people their homes. Ten thousand colored people it is estimated lost everything they had. They are …on the hills above the …in convention hall and in the ballpark where the high fence them to be kept under strict guard.

Thousands of colored people have left Tulsa for neighboring cities. To stay here means to be arrested for being colored, put in one of the detention camps on bread and water under guard or the chance of being shot at by …in the public streets.

How many colored homes in white sections remain cannot now be counted. Most of those in the ten blocks devastated were frame and burned like tinder.