Kelly Swann has become the youngest African-American woman to own and operate a Tag and Title business in Maryland. MASTER KEY TAG AND TITLE officially opened for business on Nov. 18 at 1933 W. Pratt Street.

Swann plans to use a portion of the proceeds from the business to launch a non-profit organization that will reward young women for achieving educational success. This non-profit/scholarship program will help to inspire girls to use their intelligence instead of their physical attributes to increase their self-esteem, value and increase their goals for life.

Kelly is also the CEO & Founder at International Kels, and Radio/TV Host Executive VP of Public Relations at In the winter of 2012, Kelly, formed RKS Exclusive, an advertising company that focuses on radio, TV and social media ads combined into one unique and affordable package. She is also the host and executive producer of “Diva Talk with International Kels”.