By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. and Digital Content Editor

The Washington Football Team may have had a lousy season, with a 6-10 record and ranking third in the NFC East, however, the team and its fans still have something to look forward to despite the lack of postseason chances- a new name.  The Washington Football Team (WFT)will announce its new name on Feb. 2- 2.2.22.

“The wait is almost over,” WFT’s Instagram wrote in a caption, with a picture that simply said 2.2.22.  

In a video that followed the photo in a separate slide, the team showcased its legacy with powerful footage and photos of former Washington greats.

“Hail to the great that laid a foundation for our legacy. Hail to the fans we consider family. We are always and have been Washington.  We’ll fight for our community.  And together we will define our future. We will launch 2.2.22,” were the words written in bold text throughout the video which serves as a reel showcasing decades of Washington’s highlights.

Many people took the team’s announcement as a moment to put in their last bid for the new name. Redwolves seemed to be a favorite amongst the suggestions.

“Yeah it better be the Washington Redwolves.  Call the field The Den,” one person wrote.

“Redwolves or we riot,” someone else wrote.

“If it ain’t Redwolves, I don’t want it,” another person commented. 

“Let’s go Redwolves,” someone else  wrote.

“If it’s not something wolves, I promise you, you’re going to lose a lot of fans,” one person warned.

“Please not the Commanders.  Y’all never listen to the fans.  Hope you do this one time!!!! Hail to the Redwolves,” wrote one social media user.

“Better be Redwolves; it’s the only right option,” someone added.

Others had new ideas altogether to bring the losing team some luck.

“Call them the Washington Winners! Maybe it’ll bring a winning culture and some consistency with it,” one person commented on Instagram.

While others thought it might be nice to nod to D.C.’s history in the name, such as suggesting, the “Washington Monuments,” for a new team name.

Others took the team’s announcement as a moment to critique the team’s leadership.

“Instead of a new name, can Dan Snyder just sell the team,” one Instagram user wrote.

“What will Dan Snyder ruin this time? Everything, that’s the only thing he is capable of,” someone commented.

Commenting on the 2.2.22 photo one person wrote, “Is that the day they send Daniel Snyder as far away from D.C. as he can get?”

While there were many commenting in excited expectation of the new name, which fans will learn in a little less than a month, there were others who thought the new name was not as important as one factor- winning.


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Micha Green

AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor