Superstar speed skater Shani Davis finished his first event in the 2010 Winter Olympics with a 12th place time of 6 minutes and 28.44 seconds during the 5,000 meter race, finishing one place behind fellow America Chad Hendrick.

But neither Davis or Hendrick were disappointed with their low placing as both Americans have trained and prepared more for the shorter, sprinting races, and have plenty of confidence they will bring home medals to the USA.

“I did go out there and did my best,” Davis told the media. “I’m really ready to get on with the rest of the competition.”

Davis, 27, who became the first African American to capture an individual Winter Games medal when he won gold in the 1,000 and silver at 1,500 during the 2008 games, will race in the short 500 meter on Monday, Feb. 15. He’s the easy favorite to capture medals in the 1,000 and 1,500, again.

“Having the 5,000 first helps break the ice for the other races to come,” Davis told the media. “I’m looking forward to the challenges.”

But Davis is not only looking forward to the challenges; he also just wants to enjoy the experience, which is something he didn’t allow himself to do in year’s past.

“I just feel that I’m telling myself to enjoy and enjoy,” he told the media on Feb. 13. “I had two Olympics beforehand that weren’t quite good for me, and this time it’s a whole another story. I’m enjoying myself. I’m happy for my competitors. I greeted everyone out there who made the podium and had personal bests, and I’m just really excited to go out there and showcase what I can do. It’s an itch. I can’t wait.”