It’s the First Monday of the New Year!

National Thank God It’s Monday Day encourages us to celebrate the first Monday of the new year with vigor and energy.

Some say we should celebrate every Monday throughout the year! “Mondays are often full of new beginnings. New jobs often start on Mondays. Couples usually marry on weekends and a Monday represents the first work week of their new lives together. Many federal holidays take place on Mondays and therefore special occasions frequently take place on Mondays throughout the year.” (National Day Calendar)

Look what Monday has to offer:

  • Freshly brewed coffee to keep us alert
  • Opportunity for a bright future
  • 52 chances to see a beautiful sunrise
  • A new week to share your talents with the world
  • Each Monday offers the chance to meet new people

National Thank God It’s Monday Day Activities:

  • Show up fully committed
  • Check your work
  • Be of service

Reasons to Love Thank God It’s Monday Day:

  • It presents a challenge to our usual habits
  • It’s a reversal of the norm
  • We really do appreciate our jobs

Think about it: one of the first things people want to know about us is, “What do you do for a living?” So it makes sense to appreciate Mondays, to look forward to them rather than dreading them and to hope that maybe there will be something different about this Monday and every Monday the rest of the year.

Happy Monday!

National Day Calendar:
National Today: by The National Healthy Start Association