Lauryn Marie Burks gives new meaning to the word precocious. She is energetic,
expressive and outgoing. She is also a 6 year-old, first-time author.

And, as her parents Rob and Kim Burks found out, when their kindergartner, who attends Mason Early Childhood Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, has an idea, she is not only eager to share it with the world but bright enough to pull her idea together in a first book My 100 Hands.

It all started when Lauryn, then 5, was overwhelmed one morning by the urgency of dressing herself for school on time. She told the AFRO recently that she was
so eager to finish that task, along with other chores that were on her to-do list before breakfast that she looked at her father and said, “Daddy, if I had 100 hands I could get dressed faster!”

From that moment on, she approached all her responsibilities with that zeal and wonder and, with help from her parents in converting ideas into written words, produced My 100 Hands.

The slender book is about how having additional hands can help you with life issues from turning your sad days into glad days, from feeling bad about yourself to feeling good about yourself and turning a bad attitude into a good attitude, all of which are important elements in the development of a responsible adult.

“This book is intended for children ages three to eight, the illustrations aptly denote the colorful images of a young child’s universe,” her father said.

She and her parents, on a recent spring break visit Doretha Hawkins, Lauryn’s grandmother, unveiled the self-published book that encompasses many life lessons and tools, which can be used to help a child expand their imagination.

Lauryn is currently working on a sequel My 100 Hands: Goes to School. Her peers and teachers at Mason Early Childhood Center say they are proud of her success. Lauryn says, “Everyone likes my book. My teacher, Ms. Jessica Grabman, gave the book to the librarian and she read it to everyone.”


Blair Adams

AFRO Staff Writer