By Leeland A.M. Jones, III. M.D.


We Prophesy blessing over men and women, young & old
Dry bones awaken, arise from the dead, come alive
Grave cloths be shaken off
Curses of shame & emasculation be broken off your life
Time to come out of the graves of death, despair & hopelessness
Arise, Arise, Arise from the dead, we speak “life over your life”
We are no longer orphans, but the “beloved of FATHER-GOD”
Believe it, receive it, and you shall have it: The Truth that sets us free
Reclaim your lost & buried prophetic dreams of success
Be empowered to “shout the victory”, even before it manifests

See you as the Creator created you: “His Beloved child”

Our Father grieves that so much has been stolen between us
But the curse of man’s rebellion has been broken on the Cross
Yes, it is Resurrection Season: “Get Up!” Every day: “Get Up!”
Time to cast off grief, pain & perversion: “Get out, get off me!”
By Faith sense Dad’s smile over you, as His beloved little child
Despite surroundings, know deep in your gut that: “you are favored!”
In the Matchless Name of YESHUA, we claim our Blessed Life!

Leeland A.M. Jones, III. M.D.