By Nyame-Kye Kondo, Special to the AFRO

After more than a decade of being in the entertainment industry, renaissance woman, Africa Miranda has displayed her talents on television, as a model and most recently as an author.

Charismatic, elegant, and witty in demeanor, Africa Miranda’s personality has enabled her to be relatable and impactful when speaking to people through her art. With her most recent work, a book titled “Step up, Step out, And shine” the multi talented business woman is taking things up a notch, and not only by compiling her knowledge into a book, but by also contributing her wisdom and insights as a Black woman to the American literary canon.

The AFRO got the chance to catch up with Miranda at her book signing in Southeast, D.C.’s  Mahogany Bookstore.

“Many things that have happened in my life, I believe they happened as a result of divine intervention,” she told the AFRO. Divine intervention as her guiding force indeed- the theme of aligning with the universe or a higher being to manifest the life that you want, is an important theme in Miranda’s book.

Sitting elegantly in an off shoulder blue dress  and nude pumps, Miranda’s signing was moderated by the vivacious Baltimore based influencer, Ty Alexander, and provided the audience with a chance to get up close and personal with Miranda. Reading a few excerpts from her book, and handing out bags of appreciation filled with hair and skin care goodies, Miranda  was able to relate to her audience through the exchange of good energy, and the relatable content of her book.

Self described as a “culmination of a life long dream” Miranda’s book is a refreshing read that lends voice to finding one’s purpose and the honesty that it takes to do so.

A well traveled entrepreneur with a long list of accomplishments, Miranda is no stranger to finding one’s purpose. Pursuing her artistic talents with tenacity and an open mind, Miranda has not left many stones unturned, and as a result has a lot of insight on the subject of self exploration, but more importantly on what it takes to transform your life through manifestation and internal work. The twenty or so chapters of Miranda’s book are an easy read for those who are ready to “harness their light, recognize their power, and transform their life,” she said.

“The universe whispered a sweet message of conviction, telling me that all that I had learned was no longer mine, it was ours,” she said about writing the book. “I was now held accountable for sharing this message of freedom with any heart and set of ears willing.”