Article21 Evelyn Bandoh

Evelyn Bandoh, is coach and founder of Mystic Genius. (Photo courtesy of Evelyn Bandoh).

In April 2012, Evelyn Bandoh received her latest calling.

“It came to me as an idea after meditation. I knew that I was supposed to create some type of entity to support women in becoming who they were called to be,” Bandoh told the AFRO, Feb. 24.

Bandoh worked as a community economic development specialist for years, assisting government agencies, non-profits and for-profits in achieving development and programmatic goals. In January 2014, she took her skills in a different direction: spiritual development.

“When I was young, I knew I had spiritual gifts and I was supposed to use them. The older that I got, the more these gifts starting popping up until it got to the point where I said I have to use these gifts because they’re not going away, as a matter of fact, they’re only getting stronger,” she said.

Bandoh now serves as a spiritual coach through her company, Mystic Genius. She helps women leaders, healers, entrepreneurs and truth speakers who are exploring spiritual or personal development. She trains employees in government agencies and businesses to become mindful and self-aware, creating more peaceful workplaces. She attends workshops, seminars, and conferences as a motivational speaker, providing tools to raise energy and productivity.

While she can work with anyone who is seeking personal growth, she loves working with women. “A lot of the changes that we feel driven to make in the world happens from a nurturing perspective and nurturing is a feminine ideal, so the more women become who they were called to be, the better off this world is going to be,” she said.

One of the biggest obstacles to living to one’s fullest potential is the inability to look past untruth, said Bandoh. “We believe a lot of lies about ourselves from childhood through mid- adulthood, until we get to the point where we start to questioning and asking, ‘Isn’t there more to life than this?’”

Bandoh helps clients become experts in themselves – masters of their own powers, strengths and abilities. She helps them get back to the core that tells them who they should be.

“I enjoy helping people remember who they are and find themselves again,” she said. “I enjoy seeing what happens when that person feels free to be self and how that joyful energy allows them to create … and how those creations and manifestations end up helping so many people.”

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