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Northwood Plaza. Just the name alone brings memories to Baltimoreans of yesteryear- some great, fun and happy memories of a time when the shopping center looked bright and exciting. 

I remember living in the community and I remember when there was a Footlocker, a nightclub, a Save a lot, a Burlington Coat Factory and, of course, Sunnies, a Northeast Baltimore staple. There were plenty of other stores up and running. You’d go to the shopping center and see people everywhere that either grew up in the community or are familiar with it. They would all gather and converse or have the pleasure of basking in the glow of togetherness. 

However, over the years, the shopping center was not maintained. One store after another closed down, and eventually we were left with nothing but a carryout restaurant, a BP gas station and a liquor store. 

Now, we have the opportunity to look forward to something fresh. I can appreciate that they are trying to turn the area into a college town. As we can expect, stores like Barnes and Noble, Chipotle, Aldi’s, IHOP, Downtown Locker Room (DTLR), Harbor Bank, Tropical Smoothie Cafe and hopefully more. I am grateful to be a witness to this as it is a great step in the right direction, but it will take dedication to maintain our beloved Northwood Plaza.

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