Statement by National Congress of Black Women’s Chair, Dr. E. Faye Williams in response to the NBA Commissioner’s decision today on the case of Clippers’ owner, Donald Sterling’s racist remarks:

Washington, DC – Having graduated from Grambling State University and the University of Southern California–plus attending the University of Michigan and
UCLA, I have always had a keen interest in sports and many opportunities to see the finest in sports. Today, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stood up for the principles I was taught by Grambling’s late Coach Eddie Robinson. He always asked his players when they did something unbecoming or detrimental to the team, ‘So you satisfied yourself, but what did you do for your team?’

When Commissioner Silver delivered the message to Clippers’ owner Sterling that he was banned for life from NBA games, must pay 2.5 million dollars to be used for charity and would possibly be forced to sell the team, it is clear that Sterling could have benefitted from the teachings of Eddie Robinson for the damage he did to his team.

The next best lesson for Sterling would be to have the NAACP present the Life Time Achievement Award they had planned for Sterling to now go to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. What Silver did today will not resolve every problem in sports, but it will definitely go a long way.

It should teach a few other racists a lesson, too. If the NAACP chooses not to transfer the award meant for Sterling to Adam Silver, NCBW will present Adam with our prized ‘Good Brother’ award in September!”