Article17 Deleen Boutique Biz

Michelle Curbeam, owner of Deleen Boutique in Charles Village. (AFRO Photo/Roberto Alejandro)

Affordability, convenience, and custom clothing designs are only a stitch away at Deleen Boutique and School for Fashion Design, where owner Michelle Curbeam prides herself on offering convenience and affordability to her stable of customers—whom she said are always coming back for more.

“We specialize in alterations, custom design, tailoring, and we sell men’s and women’s clothes—vintage,” said Curbeam. She took over the business from a family friend after working there for a number of years.

Where custom clothing is concerned, Curbeam specializes in women’s fashions, with a particular appreciation for custom dresses.

“Whatever they want we discuss it. I do a little sketch for them and take measurements. We get fabric and I take it from there. come in for maybe two or three fittings,” said Curbeam.

Curbeam told the AFRO that clothes and fashion have always been part of her life, a legacy passed down by her mother.

“My mom used to make all of our clothes, and I took sewing in high school—middle school, senior high. Went to college, got my degree in fashion design, and I used to teach at Baltimore City Community College,” Curbeam said.

Deleen Boutique boasts a loyal customer base, said Curbeam, who stressed the affordability of her services.

“Price-wise it’s convenient, and they come back and they come back and they come back for the convenience,” she said.

Deleen Boutique and School for Fashion Design is located at 2443 St. Paul St. in Baltimore’s Charles Village. In addition to the services mentioned, Deleen also offers children’s sewing classes, as well as fashion design courses for teenagers and adults.