AFRO and PEPCO Partner to Provide Media Coverage for Sigma, Zeta Events

(Updated 7/16/2014)Washington, D.C. – The AFRO-American Newspapers (AFRO) has collaborated with Pepco Holding, Inc.(PEPCO) to provide a new communication initiative for news coverage on the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s Centennial Celebration and the 2014 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s Boule’, both occurring in Washington D.C. from July 16 to July 20.

Our AFRO team of reporters and photographers along with expert social media marketers and videographers from Walls & Associates, Inc. will be reporting onsite, collecting information, candid moments, inspiring quotes, timeless photographs, and video footage, throughout the conferences.  All of these will be continuously distributed through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also through a special web-based mobile app we are creating for convention participants, members of the organizations who are not present at the D.C. gatherings, and interested people around the world.

“The AFRO is excited to embark on this communication initiative with PEPCO in the nation’s capitol,” Jake Oliver, publisher of the paper said.

Donna Cooper, Pepco regional president said, “PEPCO is proud to partner with the AFRO American in helping sponsor this media outreach initiative to help vehicle important news coverage through the power of digital communications.”

Follow the excitement of the Sigma Centennial and the Zeta 2014 Boule’ celebration conferences on the AFRO Live Updates mobile app at