Jill Biden, left, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden next to vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff, right. (Courtesy of joebiden.com)

AFRO Endorsement

It seems implausible not to conclude that Donald John Trump is a White supremacist, after witnessing the towering dumpster inferno presented as the first presidential debate of 2020. And on that night Trump called upon his supporters to take to the streets en masse, in an effort to help him hijack the presidential election on Nov. 3.

This is not hyperbole.

During that “debate” with former  Vice President Joe Biden, it was Trump who once again refused to denounce White supremacy. In fact, he gave a wink and a nod to the Proud Boys, an extremist, alt-right group that engages in violence and is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Proud Boys stand back and standby,” said Trump when Biden prodded him to denounce the hate group. Subsequently, the group celebrated Trump’s affirmation with glee via social media. And during the debate Trump also revealed his administration ended racial sensitivity training in the federal government because, “It’s racist,” he said. And he claimed it teaches Americans to “hate our country.”

In the wake of that debacle of a debate, it was the venerable American journalist Bob Woodward who declared, “Donald Trump is assassinating the presidency.”

After nearly four years of the most chaotic, most incompetent presidency in American history; what the country needs now, as it grapples with multiple national crises, is governance with steady hands. It is the AFRO’s view that Biden and his vice-presidential running mate Sen. Kamala Harris are those steady hands.

After more than four decades of public service, most notably as President Barack Obama’s vice president Biden is a known commodity. That doesn’t mean he has been a perfect politician when it comes to policy and positions conducive to thriving Black communities. But, no American politician, Black or White ever has.

What we do know is Biden was exemplary in his role as the wing man for the first Black president in the country’s history.

We also know he and Harris have put forward a strong presidential political platform, which addresses several critical needs of the Black community. According to the Biden campaign website their specific policies to address the Black community and other communities of color include:

Spur public and private investment through a “New Small Business Opportunity Plan; make a historic commitment to equalizing federal procurement; ensure a Biden administration’s housing plan would make bold investments in home ownership and access to affordable housing for Black, Brown and Native families; achieve equity in management, training, and higher education opportunities connected to the Jobs of the Future.

The selection of the formidable Sen. Harris of California, the state’s former attorney general, is a historic choice; she would become the first Black woman and the first woman of South Asian descent to become Vice President of the United States.

Fundamentally, Biden and Harris will uphold the United States Constitution and defend the rule of law, both foundational to a functioning American Democracy and both anathema to the current occupant of the White House.

Ultimately, America as we know it may not survive four more years of Donald Trump. We underestimate his malignancy at our own peril. For these and myriad other reasons the AFRO enthusiastically endorses the Biden/Harris ticket. Be sure to vote on or before Nov. 3. 

The AFRO also, most enthusiastically, encourages every citizen of age to do whatever is necessary to cast a vote. Register by October 13 to vote on November 3. Request a mail-in ballot by October 20 to avoid lines at the polls. Completed ballots can be taken directly to the nearest board of election office or postmarked by November 3. No matter what it takes to make it happen, make your voice heard. Vote!


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