Wes Moore (Courtesy Photo)

By Jessica Dortch
AFRO News Editor

Attorney, activist and Montgomery County Councilman Will Jawando endorsed Wes Moore for Governor of Maryland at Loyalty Book Store in Silver Spring today. 

Jawando, the first African American elected countywide to the Montgomery County Council in 30 years, is a well respected public servant and community leader, deemed “the progressive leader we need,” by the late Congressman and civil rights leader, John Lewis. 

“I’ve known Wes for a number of years for his work in Maryland and particularly in Baltimore. I connect with him because we’ve both had some difficulty in life. He grew up in a low income neighborhood, here in Montgomery County, and things weren’t always consistent. I connect with that and then to not use that as a crutch, but as motivation to dedicate our lives to improving those outcomes for other kids, families and residents,” Councilman Jawando explained. 

As someone who has followed Jawando’s career and admired his resilience, Moore received the endorsement with great pride. “I’m really proud to earn the trust and support of someone who is really one of the top political leaders in our state,” Moore said. 

Since tossing his hat in the ring for Governor, June 7, Moore’s campaign raised a whopping $1 million in donations just over a week later and has since exceeded that amount. 

“We have enjoyed such incredible momentum and reaction over the past two weeks and to now have that acceleration of having on board, it continues to both validate the type of reaction we’ve seen thus far from people around the state and it shows that we are built to last and built to govern.” 

Today’s agenda includes Moore spending time in Silver Spring, joined by Jawando; but as the campaign continues, Moore said he plans on “getting everywhere” around the state to speak with and commune with residents.    

“One thing we are realizing is that this state is dealing with massive inequalities. My state. My birth state. The state I became of age in. The state that I built my career in. The state that I fell in love in. We still deal with massive inequalities and I’m confident that if there was ever a time where my life experiences, my management record, my relationships and my vision were needed to lead the state, it’s now.” 

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