By Sean Yoes
AFRO Baltimore Editor

Baltimore City Del. Nick Mosby handily defeated his Democratic Primary opponents to take the next step to becoming Baltimore City Council President.

Mosby, who currently represents the 40th District of Baltimore City, has captured 40.7 percent of the vote with three of four precincts (the new criteria implemented by the Board of Elections) reporting, with Councilwoman Shannon Sneed in second with 28.6 percent, and former Councilman Carl Stokes in third with 21.6 percent of the vote.

Nick Mosby has shown strong leadership in the Baltimore City Council as well as the House of Delegates in Annapolis. (Courtesy Photo/Facebook)

Sneed conceded victory to Mosby in a statement earlier today.

“I want to congratulate Delegate Nick Mosby on his apparent victory in our Democratic Primary, and look forward to working with him as we work together on creating a City that works for all Baltimoreans,” said Sneed in a statement.

Although the Board of Elections has not officially certified his victory, it is impossible for any of the other contenders to catch him. However, Mosby told the AFRO, “This is no time for a victory lap.

We know what our country is going through currently. We know the divisiveness that is coming out of  the White House. We’ve seen Americans being hit by rubber bullets and being sprayed with pepper and being violently attacked by our government for standing up for the rights of Black folks. We know this is no time for celebration,” said Mosby during a phone interview.

“This is a real time for folks to come together to insure that we’re promoting fairness and equality for all residents…I look forward to getting to work. Again, this is no time for a victory lap, this is about the work of going after concentrated pockets of poverty in our city. Going after providing every child in our city with an equitable and equal education. Going after making sure we are connecting our young folks with the jobs of tomorrow,” Mosby added.

“I absolutely love this city, I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m currently in if it wasn’t for the city. And I want to make sure that we have the best Baltimore for all.”