By Tiffany Ginyard, AFRO Managing Editor,

In honor of Black History Month, the AFRO will take a look at the role of the Black Press in America–past and present. Since the founding of Freedmen’s Journal in 1827, in the context of growing the abolitionist movement, the Black Press has been instrumental in the upward mobility of African Americans. The Black Press has and continues to be an institution that not only captures the culture, history and heritage of a powerfully resilient people, but also captures the character of a country slow to recognize our humanity.

Employees working in an office at the headquarters of the Afro American Newspapers in Baltimore, Maryland, 1975. (Photo by Afro American Newspapers)

Our special coverage recognizes the courageous, professionalism, and Black journalists and news organizations that have made extraordinary contributions to the narrative of African Diaspora here in America.