The fight of the century. Well, maybe not the century but easily of the decade. Floyd Mayweather in one corner; Manny Pacquiao in the other. After a few years of dancing around each other, it finally seems as if fight fans are only a punch or two away from getting what they’ve sorely been missing.

The only thing missing from pushing a potential fight into the ring is a few million. Well, maybe not a few million dollars. Try $20 to $30 million. Pacquiao’s demanding an even 50-50 percentage split but Mayweather’s balking at such a price tag with a 70-30 asking price. Is Mayweather a maniac? Perry Green and Stephen D. Riley of the AFRO Sports Desk debates.

Green: Mayweather owns his promotion company so he’s used to getting $30 million a fight. We’re talking about a fight that’s going to collect at least $100 million in revenue. For Pacquiao to request $50 million, a purse he’s never even come close to in his career, is a little bit insane. He’s letting Bob Arum control his fights and by doing that, he’s going to let Arum ruin what could be the biggest payday of his career, regardless of who makes the most.

Riley: Asking for 50-50 is absolutely fair. We’re talking about two fighters at the top of their game. Both are household names and both are attention grabbers. Pacquiao might even be the more popular of the two considering his status overseas in the Philippines. So what if he’s never netted a huge purse, he’s never been in a fight of this magnitude either. If you think Manny’s crazy for asking for 50-50 then I have to call you insane for believing that 70-30 is fair because we both know that figure is ludicrous.

Green: How so? I don’t understand how a boxer who lets his promotional manager take the bulk of most of his earnings is even worried about a split. Most of his money is going to go to Arum anyway so why even try to force an even break? What Pacquiao needs to do is dump Arum, find a promoter who won’t stiff him and broker his own deals. He didn’t ask for a 50/50 split with a washed up De La Hoya so why worry about it now?

Riley: This fight, if it happens, has the potential to be each fighter’s swan song. We’re talking on the same level as Ali-Frazier, Ali-Foreman or Tyson-Holyfield. Pacquiao would be a fool to let Mayweather run off with some 70-30 advantage. Regardless of what Manny’s collected over his career, he’s definitely worth a 50-50 split. Again, his popularity overseas alone is greater than Mayweather so to be honest, it wouldn’t be out of the realm if he asked for a greater share.

Green: He’ll probably need to ask for a bigger share since Arum is going to get most of the money anyway. Does Pacquaio deserve an even split? Perhaps. But the fact that he’s let Arum consistently gobble up his money doesn’t make me feel sorry for him. He needs to talk to his promoter, not Mayweather. Mayweather is, without a doubt, the biggest fighter in the U.S. The fight is not taking place overseas and if it was then Pacquaio would/could have a right to ask for a bigger share. If the fight does happen, it’ll be right here in America where Mayweather reigns supreme. You can compare the number of viewers between Mayweather’s fights and Pacquiao’s and you’ll see which one is the true prize fighter. A 70-30 share is right in line for the type of money that Mayweather rakes in. He’s already made more money than Pacquiao ever will. Manny can reject the proposal if he wants to but he’s only hurting his payday. And Arum’s, too.


Perry Green and Stephen D. Riley

AFRO Sports Desk