By Andrea Dillon

Homeschooling is on the rise within African American communities.. Though there may be a multitude of reasons, many families site bullying and the increased amount of racism as their top catalysts for homeschooling. Some black parents also feel a lack of representation in the current curriculum and a want to teach their children traditional Afrocentric values. Homeschooling is the perfect way to do that. Whatever the reasons to homeschool, all homeschoolers find freedom in the opportunity to homeschool.

Beginning to homeschool is similar for all families regardless of race. The first step is researching your state’s homeschooling law and looking into local homeschool groups to help you learn the legal ropes. This can be daunting for any family. Black homeschooling families can find it more so while attempting to find homeschool resources to address their concerns, questions, and needs. We have gathered a few to help.

Websites to Help with African American Homeschooling
African American Homeschool Moms is a blog run by author and African American homeschooler Andrea Thorpe. Through her writing, Andrea provides homeschool support and recommendations for Afrocentric homeschool curriculum to help African American homeschooling families who are looking to find homeschool curriculum and resources featuring African-American perspectives.

National Black Home Educators is a homeschooling organization created to help black homeschoolingfamilies. They provide community and great information on the issues that may arise for an African American homeschooling family.

Online Support Groups for Black Homeschooling Families

In any homeschool situation, it is necessary to connect with others. With the internet, this is easier than ever. Connect with other African American homeschooling families with ….

Afrocentric Homeschooling in Black Families