AFRO’S Mother’s Day Tribute – Washington, D.C.

Rev. William H. Lamar IV – Pastor, Metropolitan A.M.E. Church

Eartha Shiro Austin Lamar

“My mother is a gift from God and the ancestors.  She has the determination of Nandi, the fortitude of Harriet Tubman, the grace of Judith Jamison, and the spirit of Jarena Lee.  Her love and support are the foundation of four generations of our family.  Eartha Shiro Austin Lamar is without peer!”

Ja-Zette Marshburn, Archivist, National Museum of African American History and Culture

Jo-Ann Marshburn Wilson

““I was recently confronted with the realization that I cannot imagine life without you. A coworker lost her mother suddenly and came to work the next week! I immediately said to myself merely breathing would be too difficult. But I watched you lose your own mother and you stood strong. I recognized you were a pillar of strength while I felt like I was barely holding on. So to my rock, the pillar on which I lean, my confidante, my comedian, my first best friend I say: Happy Mother’s Day. Love, Jayme”

Angel Rich, Founder of the Wealth Factory and Edtech DC Meetup

Rica Rich

“My mother, Rica Rich, is one of the smartest, kindest, open-hearted people that I know. She has dedicated her entire life to taking care of others starting with me and my sister as a single mother. She raised us while building a successful company and taking care of her disabled parents in the same home. My mother worked tirelessly to make sure we also went without want and provided us with every opportunity possible to support our dreams to succeed no matter how outlandish they seemed. During college I asked my mother to send me to China for the summer. Without hesitation or debating my maturity, my mother help set my life on an incredible path with an amazing international experience. When my sister gave birth to her first child, my mother agreed to watch the baby 18hrs a day to let my sister complete an intense LPN program. This helped enable my sister to become valedictorian of her school. We owe our entire history and future to our mother who has always united us through God. We are honored to tell her Happy Mother’s Day and 50th Birthday!!!”

Kamilah M. Woodson-Reed, Clinical and Research professor, Howard University

Linda Smart

“My mother is love, grace, strength and genius … just like her mother! One of the major lessons that she has taught me is the importance of having an abiding faith in God and the need to live on purpose with purpose! My mothers have been unapologetically beautiful, and I pray I do as great a job with my babies! Happy Mother’s Day!”

Gregory K. Reed, Associate dean for accreditation and technology in the School of Education at Howard University

Sandra Reed

“Mother’s Day is special, as it’s all about the ‘givers of life.’ My mother, Sandra has given me so much life…literally. Without her, I’m never born. She loves (and has loved) me unconditionally for my entire being. She is also responsible for teaching and modeling, for me, many skills and attributes that have gotten me to this point in my life. Things like work ethic, the golden rule, humility, and the importance of family education, and loyalty. I literally owe her my life! She is and will always be the only mother I have and I will be repaying he for the rest of my days. Love you Sanyan.”

Monica L. Roache’, Assistant Principal and ANC 2E07 Commissioner

Martha J. Roache’

I was fortunate to be raised by my loving mother Martha J. Roache’ and aunt Cynthia E. Jackson who were both educators.  They always instilled in me the importance of education.  My mom’s favorite quote that still resonates with me is “Education is the one thing that can never be taken away from you”.  So in my house it was always understood that “failure is not an option”. I appreciate my mother supporting me in developing love for life-long learning.  Their influence is definitely why I selected to go into the field of education and to earn my Doctorate in Education.

Leonardo Johnson, “Leo the Hero”, local hero who prevented a mass shooting in Chinatown D.C. in 2012

Virginia Johnson

“My mom is the strongest person I know. Although life has dealt some extremely hard blows, she has an infections fighting spirit that is both admirable and inspiring.”