An Alabama sex toy shop has come up with a novel idea for Valentine’s Day: an initiative where people can trade in guns for gift cards.

Sherri Williams, owner of Pleasures in Huntsville, Ala., told The Madison County Record she’s trying to live by the philosophy to “make love, not war.”

“It’s my way of getting guns off the street,” Williams told USA Today. “Bring your own gun, no matter what condition, and we will give you whatever it’s worth with a store credit.”

According to Yahoo! News, David Smith, Williams’ husband and a licensed gun dealer, has been brought in on specific days. Customers can bring in their gun, have it assessed by Smith and the customer will receive a store credit of equal value to the gun.

“If you didn’t necessarily have enough money to show someone a romantic evening, perhaps you could find a gun that you’re not using and bring that in,” Williams told ABC News. “Or perhaps you intended to use the gun for malicious reasons and you thought about it and figured you’d have more enjoyment if you turned that gun into a store credit at Pleasures.”

Any weapons discovered to have been used in any crime will be handed over to law enforcement, while others will be refurbished and sold at an auction. A portion of that money will go to the Alabama Crime Victims’ Compensation Commission.

Despite the promotion, it’s unclear how successful the promotion will be, since it’s arguably easier to buy a gun in Alabama than a sex toy. According to the United Kingdom’s Register, the state only allows sex toys to be bought for “medical or educational purposes.”