The house where the deadly fire was set that claimed the life of Sharon Williams on Jan. 1. (Photo by James Bentley)

In the early afternoon on the first day of the New Year, Baltimore City Police and Fire Department personnel responded to a call for a house on fire in the 2300 block of East Madison Street. After the blaze was extinguished the property search revealed the corpse of a 61 year old woman, Sharon Williams, reportedly the mother of a Baltimore firefighter.

“Brutal, ruthless, vicious, merciless, sadistic and cruel so pick one they all apply to public enemy #1, Alan Lorenzo Floyd” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis in a press conference on Jan. 2. He continued by saying “We want to send a message to Alan Lorenzo Floyd and to any other person or persons who want to cause harm to our communities that in 2016 you will not be able to operate in anonymity.”

Floyd was not able operate in anonymity and police captured him on Jan. 6. He was found in a vacant building in the 800 block of Montford Avenue in the Eastern District and will be charged with murder in connection with the arson.

After speaking with witnesses the police learned the fire may have been intentionally set. Further investigation revealed that there were two other individuals in the house when the fire began: one was another victim, a female who was able to escape the property and the other a male suspect, Alan Lorenzo Floyd, who the police believe barricaded the other two in the property before covering it with an accelerant and setting the house afire. Williams is believed to be an unintended target of this crime the police said possibly stemmed from an ongoing dispute between Floyd and the other victim.