Perhaps no team was more frustrated with their opening match than England, who gave up a draw to the United States in the Group C opener on June 12.

But it was déjà vu all over again for England as they gave up another draw, this time a scoreless tie to Algeria on June 18, at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.

Both teams were held scoreless throughout the match, but it was Algeria who was happiest with the final result.

“It really feels like a win,” Algeria defender Madjid Bougherra told reporters. “I was reading the English newspapers before the game and they were saying that Algeria had no chance. They expected England to win comfortably. That helped to give us a spirit, a unity.”

England, however, was upset with all the scoring opportunities they missed throughout the match.

“This is not the team I recognize from training or from qualifying,” said England’s Fabio Capello. “We missed too many passes, lost too many balls. It was not a good game. We have to do better. We have another game to play. It’s our last chance to continue in the tournament. The players know what they have to do.”

Both Algeria and England still have a chance to advance on to the next round, but they’ll need wins in their next matches. England will face Slovenia on June 23, while Algeria takes on the United States on the same date.