The historic components of hip hop—an emcee, microphone and disc jockey—changed as the genre evolved over the years. The latter of the list, once the fundamental backbone of classic hip hop, eventually started to fade as music moved into a new era. But hip hop guru Eddie Myles aims to reassert the DJ as a central figure in this genre and honor the masters of this forgotten talent through an upcoming award show scheduled to take place in Atlanta.

The annual International DJ Trade Association Awards, founded by Myles, spotlights DJ’s—those who are responsible for much of the music we hear today.

“Throughout the years, DJ’s were never really concentrated on or respected in the game for breaking records,” Myles told the AFRO in a recent interview. “DJ’s don’t make as much money as these artists do and DJ’s are the ones that put them on the map.”

Myles, deemed “hip hop’s youngest forefather,” witnessed the unrecognized contributions of DJ’s firsthand. Recruited in 1973 by the famous hip-hop DJ Afrika Bambaataa, Myles was given the duties of ensuring the safety of Bambaataa and DJ’s Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Red Alert. Over a decade later, he founded Edwin Myles Consulting Firm, an organization that aims to promote numerous independent and major record labels and artists.

As a veteran in the game and entertainment industry insider for over 25 years, Myles has helped to launch the careers of artists such as Master P, B2K, Ginuwine and Mack 10, among many others. He launched the IDJ Trade Association in 2008 and continues to extend his knowledge to promote and consult artists, DJ’s, record labels and businesses worldwide.

The IDJT awards, now approaching its third year, spotlights various radio DJ’s on a local, regional, national and international scale. In addition, club and mixtape DJ’s are also honored, as they often play pivotal roles in the industry.

“There’s over 3,000 DJ’s already registered this year…the response is overwhelming,” Myles said. “It’s not just a hip-hop situation; we’re dealing with all genres. We’re honoring the oldest DJ alive to today’s DJ.”

The event will also feature a lineup of big names in the industry including Crime Mob, the Force MDs and Waka Flocka. Singers Montell Jordan and Angie Stone are set to host the show.

The three-day event will also feature a trade expo, celebrity basketball game, empowerment seminars and an entertainment workshop among many other events.

The Annual International DJ Trade Association Awards and Expo will take place on Aug. 8 and will conclude on Aug. 11 in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit:


Gregory Dale

AFRO News Editor