By Micha Green, D.C. Editor,

The D.M.V. has a large contingency of influential artists, leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs and on Dec. 14, from 7-11 p.m., DCNow Events is bringing these influencers together for the “All Purple Gala: Queens and Castles,” and encouraging others to join in on the fun.

Guests who attend the gala are in for a regal experience as the event is located at the Smithsonian Castle (Smithsonian Institute Building), 1000 Jefferson Drive Southwest, Washington, D.C.

The purpose of the All Purple Gala “is to create a space for people of all backgrounds and experiences to share their lives journeys and success stories and how they see themselves and their achievement,” said Petra Clinton, Representative of DC Now Events.

The All Purple Gala: Queens and Castles will be held at the Smithsonian Castle in Southwest, D.C. (Courtesy Photo)

In addition to serving as a gathering hub, the All Purple Gala is also applauding the contributions of the hardworking D.M.V. influencers gathered.

“The All Purple Gala is a celebratory cause and event dedicated to creative, visionaries and influencers, who have been doing exceptional work in networking and the industries they served,” Clinton said.

Hosted by 2018 Miss Louisiana United States and media personality Lauren “Tula” Poindexter and Elsa M. of WMAR2’s Midday Maryland and featuring live entertainment, the All Purple Gala seeks to entertain guests.  However, it’s a party with a purpose.

A percentage of the proceeds from the All Purple Gala will go to the non-profit Kids Fashion Week DMV.

Besides donating to support the next generation of DMV visionaries, Clinton said she hopes the All Purple Gala will “foster serious networking and authentic relationship building.”

In hopes of a domino effect from the networking, Clinton explained that the All Purple Gala:

“ 1) Creates a community of entrepreneurs, media entities, Fine Arts and those in entertainment that last beyond the event.

  2) Provides a shift in how we support small businesses and nonprofits and innovates ways to help our local and global community to thrive by partnering exclusively with multicultural vendors and service providers for those who curate unique events for D.C., Maryland and Virginia.”

This party with a purpose is also going to be unifying in that everyone will truly be wearing purple. 

Purple ensembles are required for entrance into the “All Purple Gala.”

“Purple symbolizes nobility, power and ambition- which is a reflection of the audience that will be in attendance,” Clinton said.

While they might already be powerhouses in their field and careers, the DCNow Events representative said she wants guests to leave the All Purple Gala further empowered. 

“We want people to leave the Gala with a sense of pride and accomplishment in knowing that they were in room filled with like minded individuals who complimented their social intellect and vision.”

Ticket prices for the All Purple Gala range from $35- $100, and can be purchased online. For more information or to attend the All Purple Gala: Queens and Castles visit

Micha Green

AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor