A Vancouver woman who claimed that a Black woman threw acid on her earlier this month recently admitted that she made the whole story up, the Associated Press reported.

Bethany Storro gained worldwide sympathy after she went public, describing an alleged acid attack on Sept. 1 that left her with severe burns. But over the course of their investigation, police began to notice discrepancies in her story. Following a search in her home and subsequent question by police, she admitted the story was a hoax.

“During the interview, Ms. Storro admitted the injuries were self-inflicted,” Vancouver police chief Clifford Cook told the AP.

According to Fox News, detectives said they had their doubts from the beginning about Storro’s story. They said the burn patterns on Storro’s face were not consistent with someone throwing acid on her. Furthermore, police could not gather any witnesses.

Storro described her attacker as an African-American woman with a ponytail. She claimed the alleged assailant walked up to her and said, “Hey, pretty girl, do you want to drink this?” and threw a cup with an acid-like liquid in her face.

The 28-year-old received much media attention and had received calls of concern from people all over the world. Some people even gave her money for her well being. Detectives are looking to return the money to donators.

Authorities told the AP that Storro faces charges for falsifying a police report.

According to AOL News, another report of an acid attack occurred on Sept. 4 when an Arizona woman suffered second degree burns on her face and chest following an attack outside her home.

Derri Velarde, 41, arrived in her driveway one evening and someone who was hiding in a carport threw a concentrated substance on her face and ran. Arizona police believe the attacker is a Hispanic woman between 30 and 40 years old.

“This type of crime is usually personal in nature,” Arizona Detective Mike Melendez told a CBS affiliate. “It’s usually someone who’s got an issue with the victim.”