Doc Cheatham

The Matthew A. Henson Neighborhood Association is not only pleased to publicly “…accept responsibility and work together to ensure that every student is in school every day, on time and ready to learn,” but to invite and challenge all neighborhood associations to commit to communicating their participation as well.

We have already informed Principal David Guzman, Matthew A. Henson Elementary School, of our overall, and my personal, commitment to assist him and OUR school in this specific regard.  MAHNA is well aware of the “…biggest single obstacle to our students’ achievement: attendance.  Dr. Thornton, I cannot think of a more important issue for our community association and me to address.

We have a motto that we are connecting with this issue.  “Be Concerned, Get Involved & Stay Committed.”  STRONG ATTENDANCE:  Be Concerned – Better Academic Performance; Get Involved – Higher Graduation Rates; and Stay Committed – Increased College Enrollment.

We will host the 5th Annual “Michael Carter Men Reading in Baltimore City Public School Day” initiative, Oct. 13.  Our focus and theme this year is: To encourage “every student to go to school every day, on time and ready to learn.”

We are soliciting men to contact us immediately to sign up to read at ‘an elementary school near you.” They can call 410-669-8683 and/or e-mail us at We ask you Dr. Thornton to fully support this initiative by having announcements sent to the homes, for the parents, of all elementary school students.

Matthew A. Henson Neighborhood Association is committed to making this school year a great success with special emphasis this year on strong attendance