Crash Mob Attack

James Davis stands with attorney Jason Malkowicz in court.

DETROIT (AP) — A man who pleaded guilty in a mob attack on a Detroit-area motorist has been sentenced to a year in jail.

James Davis received his sentence Thursday in Wayne County court. Latrez Cummings also is expected to learn his punishment.

Davis and Cummings are among five people charged in the April beating of Steve Utash. He was kicked and punched after getting out of his pickup truck to check on a boy who had darted in front of his vehicle.

Davis and Cummings earlier pleaded guilty to assault.

Wonzey Saffold was sentenced to more than six years in prison Monday, while Bruce Wimbush was placed on probation. Saffold got a longer sentence because of his criminal record.

Utash is recovering from his injuries. He was in a coma for days.

Ed White

Associated Press