By Tim Lacy, Special to the AFRO

The NFL has got most of us under a spell. I say that is a good thing, however, there are some who give you the impression that they reside in LaLa Land if you try to hold a conversation with them. I have a cousin that, once the helmets and pads are put away for the season, a conversation with him will make you think you are attempting to communicate with someone with special needs.

A trip to Grandma’s house for a little turkey and some yams will stop the bleeding a little.  After all, that noise you hear coming from the Den is one of the Bowl Games. These are College teams playing in anything from the Cereal Bowl to the Tidy Bowl. And, information, though hard to come by, will let you know the Mississippi Mud Wrestlers are leading the Iowa Corn Shuckers 7-0.

(Courtesy Photo)

Hang in there because the scuffing noise you hear coming out of the 32 team locker rooms are an indicator that the big dogs are preparing for battle. When the smoke clears, sometime around Valentines day, a Super Bowl Champion will emerge. In the meantime, family members are whipping out their wallets to extract that quarter to cover a bet. My wife will tell you not to waste your time because the winner is going to be either the K. C. Chiefs or the Baltimore Ravens. This may have something to do with Patrick Mahones and Lamar Jackson are the slightly tanned gentlemen who will be leading these troops into battle.

This scenario repeats itself year after year and for the most part the names change except for Tom Brady. If somebody can find a way to send him home, we can watch a fresh group of warriors contending for the brass ring.

In the meantime, I stumbled on the Top 100 players to grace the gridiron. This is a refreshing argument coming from the talking heads sitting behind sports desks. The job is for them to pick the best players from every position dating back to the Decatur Staleys. I took another pill and strapped on my blood pressure cup. By the time they got to the top receivers, a stroke was waiting in the wings. I was hovering around the danger zone, but you know how a junky is looking for a fix.

I was fine with Jerry Rice and Randy Moss, but there was some kind of hangup for third place. For my money T.O. should have placed in the next spot, but if his antics left a bad taste in your mouth try one from this bunch: Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Largent, Tommy MacDonald, Art Monk and Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson.

This is just my opinion. You know what they say about opinions.


Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO